Got Questions About Our Pet Short Term Boarding?

We get a lot of enquiries about our pet short term boarding as well as longer stays here in Crewe. Here are some of our FAQs, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch. Click on a question to see the answer.

What vaccinations does my pet(s) require?

All cats must have had their yearly boosters within the last 12 months. This includes ‘Feline Enteritis’ and ‘Cat Flu’.

All dogs must have had their yearly boosters which include ‘Canine Distemper’ and ‘Parvo Virus’ within the last 12 months. This must also include the ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination.

Can we view the kennels/cattery?

Yes, you are more than welcome to come and look round within our opening hours. No appointment necessary.


What pet food does the Kennels provide?

We provide and feed a wide range of Royal Canin dog/cat food which is also available to purchase. We also provide a variety of wet food. For dogs, we have tins of Butchers Tripe and Chappie. For cats, we have Whiskas, Felix, and Gourmet tins/pouches.

What do we need to bring with our pet(s) for their stay?

The only thing you must bring is your pet’s Vaccination card so we can keep an up to date record. It’s optional for you to bring your pet(s) favourite toys/treats/bedding/harness as we do already provide carpet, bed(s), bedding and bowls, litter trays and scratch posts.

Do they get exercised?

All dogs get individually walked twice a day on our Flexi Leads.


Are you able to bath my dog(s)?

Yes, we do provide a bath/dry service for your dog at an extra cost. We will also brush your dog/cat if requested.


What age can we board our pet(s) from?

We accept both puppies/kittens as long as they have had their first and second vaccinations. Puppies must also have had their ‘Kennel Cough’ vaccination too.

I have an elderly dog/cat; will he/she still be able to board with you?

Yes, of course. We understand that elderly pet(s) may need extra care. Sometimes this may include medication which we are more than happy to administer.

What would happen if my pet(s) were to become ill whilst boarding with you?

We would get in contact with Nantwich Veterinary Hospital or your own vets to arrange a consultation and act on the advice given.

My pet is on a special diet, can I bring the food with me?

Yes of course you may. All customers are welcome to bring their own food, especially if they are on medicated/hypoallergenic food. We also have a large fridge/freezer to store raw/fresh food.

My dog/cat is on medication. Would you be able to administer it?

Yes, we print out medication charts which get signed by a senior member of staff once administered. This includes tablets, eye/eardrops etc. Any out of hour’s medication will be at an extra cost.

My pet is nervous and can suffer from separation anxiety. What could you do to prevent this and help him/her settle in?

With nervous pet(s) we would put them in a quieter kennel. We spend extra time in the kennel with them and can take them on extra walks to get them used to/confident around either just one or a few different members of staff. We would highly recommend booking your pet(s) in for a few day-stays with us to help them settle in and get used to the surroundings here before any longer stays with us.

My dog is boarding with you for a long period of time; will you be able to offer him/her any extra exercise?

Yes, when your dog(s) have a booking for 3 weeks or longer we always put them on an extra walk at lunchtime, meaning they would have 3 walks per day with lots of human contact and affection. We also offer a ‘Paddock walk’ for an extra charge off lead in an enclosed paddock with lots of toys to play fetch with. However, this has very limited availability.


Can we contact you whilst we’re away?

Of course you can. You can phone us on 01270 811 264 or if you’re abroad you are most welcome to email us at or send us a message through Facebook. We can give you an update as to how your pet(s) is getting on including photos/videos.



I have a very energetic dog, can he/she have any extra walks/playtime?

Yes, as well as having two on the lead walks per day we also offer a ‘Paddock walk’ for an extra charge off lead in an enclosed paddock with lots of toys to play fetch with. However, this has very limited availability.



I am going out/will be at work for the day, am I able to drop off and pick up on the same day?

A.We do offer a ‘Day Stay’ service within our opening times, (if you did need to drop your pet off before 9 am, this can be arranged beforehand). A ‘Day Stay’ includes 3 x on the lead walks, feeding if required and plenty of fuss and attention throughout the day.





Book your stay at our boarding kennel

All dogs and cats that are boarding with us must be up to date with their yearly vaccinations. Dogs must also be vaccinated against ‘Kennel Cough’. All vaccination cards must be presented upon arrival. Any pets who are not fully vaccinated will not be allowed to board with us.

If you would like any advice, please feel free to give us a call prior to booking 01270 811 264.



"Just collected a very happy and tired Saxon from his holidays… absolutely no loyalty when he goes there. Happily trots off and doesn’t look back. Highly recommend The Grange."

Pam Luxford


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